Listing your saddle is free. When your saddle sells, you will receive 90% of your saddle’s value. The $75 shipping fee will also be deducted from your payout when your saddle sells (you will not pay a shipping fee if your saddle is returned from a trial). 

Simply register a seller profile. Then, go to your seller dashboard and click “add new” under products. The step-by-step guide will allow you to provide details, photos and price your saddle. You can choose to allow a trial period or not.

Yes, you can allow a 5 day trial period for your customers. The trial period begins when they receive your saddle. If the buyer decides to keep the saddle, then we will pay you out within 24 hours of the trial end date. If they decide to send the saddle back to you, we will provide you with the tracking number and we will refund them within 24 hours of the delivery back to you. The buyer pays for the shipping, so you will only pay the $75 shipping fee when your saddle sells.

If there is an issue with the saddle upon its arrival back to you, you must notify us within 12 hours. The saddle is paid for up front by the person trialing it, so if it is returned damaged they will not receive their full refund and you will be compensated from the original list price once your saddle sells.

We handle all of the shipping work, so you don’t have to! When your item has sold, you will receive a shipping label to your email. Simply print 2 copies of the shipping label and put one inside the box and tape the other on top of the box. We sell boxes for shipping, so you can purchase one through us or you can buy one at your local UPS store. Then, just drop the box off with UPS and you’re good to go! All of the saddle shipments include full insurance.
We can process your payout through Paypal (no fees will be taken out), by mailed check or we can send it to you through a bank transfer directly to your bank account for $10 to cover the bank fees (we just need your routing number and account number).
If your saddle is returned from a trial, the buyer is refunded 24 hours after its arrival back with you. If there’s a problem with your saddle, you have a 12 hour window after delivery to let us know. If your saddle comes back from a trial, you are not responsible for the shipping fees.


If you do want a trial period, make sure that the saddle you’re ordering offers a trial period. Every listing states if the seller offers a trial or not. Then, simply order the saddle that you’d like to try. The seller will ship the saddle to you using our automated shipping system. Once you receive the saddle, you have 5 days to try it. If you need to return the saddle, complete the return request form under the “Help” tab on our website within the 5 day trial period. We will send you a shipping label, so all you need to do is print out the shipping labels and drop the box off with UPS. We will refund you within 24 hours of delivery back to the owner. Please note that the $75 outgoing shipping and the $75 incoming shipping fees will be deducted from your refund if you return a saddle from a trial.

Every seller has the option to offer a trial period or not. Each listing will indicate if there is a trial included or not.
Please go to the “Help” tab on the Direct Saddles website and complete the returns form. We will send you a shipping label for the return.
If you decide to keep the saddle that you have on trial, there is nothing to do on your end. Once your trial period is up, we will consider the saddle sold and we will pay out the owner.

Once the seller receives the saddle back, we will process your refund within 24 hours. We will deduct the $75 outgoing shipping fee and the $75 incoming shipping fee from your refund. Depending on your bank, refunds can take up to 10-15 business days to process. However, it normally just takes a few days.

*Please note that if you return a saddle from a trial, the card processing fee of 3% of the total order will NOT be refunded. Our card processor no longer refunds their fees when a refund is processed.*