Full Service.

Lowest Fee.

List for free and receive 90% of your saddle's value when it sells!

How it works:

  1. Create a seller profile and become a vendor (even if you’re just selling one saddle, you will need to register as a vendor).
  2. Use our step by step guide to upload photos and enter information about your saddle

*When pricing your saddle, please remember that the shipping cost will be included in the sale price. See more information below*

  1. You can choose to offer a 5 day trial period, so buyers can test your saddle out before committing to a purchase. You also have the option of selling your saddle with no trial period.
  2. Once your saddle is listed, we will advertise it on the website and on social media. 
  3. When your saddle is ordered for a trial or purchase, we will send you a shipping label. Link to shipping info here
  4. After the buyer receives your saddle or when the trial period ends (if you choose to offer one), then we will pay you out within 24 hours through Paypal (no Paypal fees will be taken out of your payment) or direct deposit straight into your bank account. You will receive 90% of your saddle’s value minus the $75 shipping fee (includes full insurance). 
  5. If your saddle is returned from a trial, the buyer pays for the return shipment and your saddle will be relisted once you receive it back.

We take care of the shipping hassle for you with our automated system.

We provide shipping for all saddles. The shipping fee is $75 (this includes full insurance) and will be deducted from your payment once the saddle sells, so no need to pay for shipping up front! 

How it works:

*The saddle must be shipped within 48hrs of the order confirmation*

  1. Once your saddle is ordered for a trial or purchase, you will receive a UPS shipping label in your email. Please note: the shipping label will arrive in a separate email after you receive the order confirmation email.
  2. Print 2 copies of the shipping labels provided. See our complete shipping guide here: shipping guide
  3. Wrap your saddle in bubble wrap (do not use styrofoam/packing peanuts) and place your saddle in a box (double wall if possible) that is approximately 14″x14″x24″ up to 18″x18″x24″ 
  4. Place one shipping label inside the box and tape the other shipping label on top of the box.
  5. Drop the saddle off at any UPS store or any UPS access point (CVS, Staples and others – find a location near you here: https://www.ups.com/dropoff/?loc=en_US
  6. Track your shipment on your profile page