Shipping Guide

How to ship your saddle:

  1. Purchase a box that is approximately 14″x14″x24″ up to 24″x18″x18″ in size. Double wall boxes are safest for shipping.
  2. Place bubble wrap around the seat from pommel to cantle, top and bottom. Also wrap the saddle from the seat to the bottom of the flaps. *Do not use styrofoam/packing peanuts*
  3. Line the bottom of the box with bubble wrap.
  4. Place the saddle pommel-down in the box.
  5. Put a copy of the shipping label inside the box.
  6. Tape the box length-wise and width-wise with clear packing tape.
  7. Tape the shipping label on the top of the box so that the entire label is covered in tape. 
  8. Place a fragile sticker on the top of the box. 
  9. Drop it off with UPS and hold on to the drop-off receipt.