Shipping Guide

How to ship your saddle:

  1. Purchase a box that is approximately 14″x14″x24″ up to 24″x18″x18″ in size. *Make sure to use a Double-Wall box or reinforce a Single-Wall box with additional cardboard on all sides. Single-Wall boxes with no reinforcement will not be covered by our shipping insurance policy.*
  2. Place bubble wrap around the seat from pommel to cantle, top and bottom. Also wrap the saddle from the seat to the bottom of the flaps. *Do not use styrofoam/packing peanuts*
  3. Line the bottom of the box with bubble wrap.
  4. Place the saddle pommel-down in the box.
  5. Put a copy of the shipping label inside the box.
  6. Tape the box length-wise and width-wise with clear packing tape.
  7. Tape the shipping label on the top of the box so that the entire label is covered in tape.
  8. Place a fragile sticker on the top of the box.
  9. Drop it off with UPS and hold on to the drop-off receipt.
See our video on how to ship a saddle here: How to Ship your Saddle!